Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day

So my friend Mandie of Sheepy Time Knits has this colorway I just love: Aurora Borealis. She recently started dyeing fiber as well as yarn, and so when I had the chance, I snagged a braid of superwash BFL in Aurora Borealis- and this is how it spun up:


There's a touch more than 200 yards of it, which isn't exactly what I was hoping for - I was trying for socks, and it may not be enough. However, I've recently had other ideas...

Meanwhile, I joined the Hogwarts House Cup and have been clearing the needles in anticipation of today's class postings. Here's a pair of finished socks:


Regular top-down with a short-row hourglass heel, Red Heart Heart and Sole yarn in Toasted Almond. Yarn bought and socks cast on in a post-Christmas "I have nothing to knit and my stash is 500 miles away!" panic.

Finished an unbloggable pair as well, and have made headway on my green things from last fall - am at armhole/shoulder shaping on the back of my cardigan, and have gotten back to the leafy green shawl which will someday be finished, maybe... This means I currently have exactly one pair of socks on the needles, if you can believe it. But that'll change soon enough - the Cat Bordhi group is meeting at Village Yarn Shop this weekend, and I'll need a pair for that!

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