Friday, May 29, 2009

Sock Summit Go!

There was much frenzy and wailing and gnashing of teeth about the Sock Summit this week. I was in the crash, I had a fake success, and then I actually registered.

I was lucky enough to get a full slate of classes, and while I won't be taking Amy Singer's class (boo!), the Summit is so full of amazing that my teacher list makes me woozy. I just hope I don't make an idiot of myself in front of these seriously cool people.

Now I just need airfare and accommodations.

I'm a toe (or two, I may have had some premature toe action on the first sock - I've got to quit that..) away from finishing super-happy socks for The Cup, and I may post a progress pic of my not-scary laceweight stole.

We've got big yardwork plans this weekend, but I hope I can get a good pile of knitting done as well. Classes start back on Monday (when new classes for The Cup are posted) and I'm afraid my knitting time may be somewhat curtailed.