Monday, June 21, 2010

Milestones, Baby Steps, and Black Holes

Knitters talk of the phenomenon of the knitting black hole, in which you knit on your scarf or sweater or whatever for days and days and when you're done it's the same length you started with. I'm about to hit a stretch like that with the walking. I hit the 30 mile point on Friday.

I'm three weeks and 30 miles in, and I was proud of me, but so tired. I meant to walk on Saturday after weaving, but I was too exhausted, and stayed home, and then didn't walk last night either. This morning I set out intending to do a 2.5 mile Lap, but stormy lightning sent me home at the turnaround point - so only 1.67 miles were walked today. I'm trying to shake off the "but now it's not even!!!" annoyance and look at it like the knitting. If I only knit something when I can do a whole repeat, it takes me longer than getting a stitch or two in whenever I can. So maybe I'll even things up by taking another turn around the neighborhood loop on Wednesday, or maybe I'll just take a walk tomorrow morning and do the same length as today - it didn't take very long at all for a shorter walk.

Anyway, I'm looking for tips for the next 350 or so miles. Any ideas on how I can keep this interesting? I'm going to be walking elsewhere in July - two long weekend vacations will take me somewhere else and I plan to walk in both places. I have monthly goals to try and meet. Anything else I can do to make it fun?


PegAlex said...

well... in 30 miles you have walked to...Greenwood? 150 miles you have "walked" to Chicago. Where can you "walk"?

Paige Darling said...

Give me a call and I'll come walk with you! Or get a new cd that you can only listed to while walking.

sarah said...

Audio books or podcasts? Is there somewhere you can walk to? I like having a destination.

sarah said...

I also found a fun gps exercise tracking app for my phone. It tracks time, distance, etc & gives a map of the route. I think it will offer audio encouragment too, but I haven't used that.

melly~ said...

dive to a new location and walk. friend's neighborhoods, local parks, etc.
you've got enough friends, you could walk with someone new for weeks and never have a repeat! we'll help you do this janet!!