Monday, September 17, 2007

Nothing to see here - just thinking in type

Mid-foot on two socks. I'm hoping to finish them both in the next few days, so I have a full sock count for Summer of Socks. If they do both get done, it'll be four pairs and three single socks, for eleven total socks over the summer.

My right thumb is starting to be cranky with me, so I've been taking it easy some, and being aware of how I sleep.

Tuscany is getting a row or two a day done, which is fine. The fabric it's knitting into is pretty yummy, I kind of want to snuggle with it.

It's getting colder, and that's making me want to knit on my sweater. We'll see how that comes along as the fall happens. Meanwhile I love the idea of NaKniSweMo, it sounds like a marvy way to spend November. But I don't think I'd try it if I don't have my first sweater done before then.

Meanwhile, I'm considering knitting things for my in-laws for Christmas. A hat and scarf would work. I'm also considering doing something for the Grandmothers, but I'm not sure there, since that's three more projects. I'm in that dangerous time where I think the hat for my brother is done and socks for my parents are under control (except they're not, I've got most of a sock for dad, and yarn for mom and no pattern picked - anyone have something fabulous?) and I've got three months, so why not? This is how It happens. I see now.

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