Thursday, September 13, 2007

Swatchy McSwatchalot

There are no pictures today. Nothing cast on looks any different than it did last week. Tuscany is a little bigger (but the picture would look the same, it'd just take up more of the windowsill), the blue sock is a little bigger, the grey sock is probably three rounds bigger.

I had been knitting away on Tuscany, happily ignoring my socks and working my way into that triangle shawl black hole. I checked out the second volume of Barbara Walker from the library, and was paging through it on Tuesday night and came across a cable pattern I liked. I liked it a lot. A "Oh my god I must have socks with this cable immediately" lot.

I pulled out dpns and my brown KnitPicks Gloss and my ivory Baby Ull and started swatching. I'm probably three or four swatches in, I have a clue but not a complete picture yet. I have a feeling these are going to be freaky bizarre complicated socks, but I really want them... So I'm giving it a try. Swatching everything so that when they're done, they'll be the way I see them in my head. So they won't be immediate. But they'll be mine.

I'll cast on soon. But tonight, I have the blue fuzz garter rib socks. And for something so simple, they make me very happy. Isn't it wonderful what good yarn can do?

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