Wednesday, September 26, 2007

WIP status report

Ech. I'm bored with all this. I need to start a sleeve on the blue sweater so that I have the strength to get the last few inches of body, shawl is still progressing slowly, and the orange bag thing and the golden rectangle blanket haven't been touched for weeks.

Three socks-in-progress. The grey and blue are second socks and therefore boring, the brown is coming out of my head and therefore needs to be transcribed as I knit so that I have a pair eventually, and man those knitpicks needles are pointy. Eh.

So last night I got home and swatched for the strikke-along. Good times.

I've been wearing the swatch as a wristband since last night. I'm kind of inordinately proud of my first 2-color knitting.

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