Sunday, September 9, 2007

Something frogged

The blue sock got pulled out yesterday. He was going to be too big. So we'll start again with fewer stitches. Frogged just fine, I guess that 25% mohair wasn't enough to make it supersticky.

I'm 6 of 11 repeats into Tuscany. I need to do the math and try and figure out roughly how much is actually done when I finish each repeat from here out. Because I'm a dork like that and need to know. Five and a half, that was a quarter of the shawl. That's the easy thing about a triangle. Midpoint dissection. Eleven being prime is going to annoy me though, and probably require a calculator.

Sports break: Stupid Auburn lost their stupid game last night. Honestly, we shouldn't have lost in OT, if South Florida hadn't made more mistakes than we did, or if their field goal kicker guy hadn't been vastly inferior to ours, we'd have lost much earlier. (Our kicker rocks my world and is going to be huge someday. Our quarterback, not so much, although he's probably suffering from my spending the other half of my football time watching Peyton Manning.) Long game meant knitting happened on Tuscany. It'll get more done today watching the Chicago IRL race - it's the season ender and there's championship drama. And for some reason, I really don't want Scott Dixon to win.

I'm getting that vague yarn-shopping yen again. That feeling that I need to go pet yarn and bring some new yarn home, even though I'm pretty much maxed out for projects and I don't have plans for everything I have already? Yeah. I should go pet my yarn closet. It's probably feeling discontent in the same way I am.

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