Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I think I might have a problem.

When I went to bed last night, it had been probably around 24 hours since I finished the first Kaylee socks. I woke up this morning and realized I had been dreaming of starting a new sock. Not the second Kaylee sock. Something newer than that. I'd been going through my stash and casting on in my sleep. I haven't given into the urge yet, but I might not make it through the day.

Hi, my name is Janet, and I'm a sock addict.

In other news, I'm also a joiner. Sometime soon the two knitalongs I have joined in the past month or so will have buttons in the sidebar, above my Knitting Scout badges.

I joined the Football-along because I foresee a long fall of watching football and knitting, as the two go together in my mind. (Actually, I've been knitting a lot while watching racing this summer, maybe an IRL-along next year?) The Kaylee sock got some comments as I was working on it at the Auburn viewing party Saturday - because that was seriously the most boring and depressing game ever until the last five minutes. Next week (against South Florida) should be boring, but in a different manner and hopefully less depressing.

I also joined Samurai Knitter's Strikke-along. I've been meaning to try some colorwork, so I'm going to give that a try next month, in EZ's Norwegian Mittens.

Somehow I just discovered how fabulous Cast On is. I'm working my way through the back episodes, and I really do love it. Those little badges down at the bottom of the sidebar are my Knitting Scout Badges. The top is the "Proselytize Knitting" badge. The bottom is the "Knitting Under the Influence" badge (see my first attempt at short-row heels if you think I don't deserve this one. And the middle is the "I will crush you with my Math Prowess" badge. I am claiming that my freakish affection for Latin Square related granny-square blankets earns me this one (none of the Colts blankets were Latin Squares, but you can bet if I do another PL blanket, it will be), but if you want to quibble about them being crocheted, I offer my golden rectangle in progress - which has the additional fun of being Fibonacci-related, since the badge itself contains the recursive function that generates the latter part of the Fibonacci sequence (F(0):=1, F(1):=1 being the first part). Did I mention I'm a mathematician?

Now I'm going to go and attempt to drown out the Bearfoot that's calling me from the sock stash basket. (It's yelling "It's my turn! MY TURN NOW! Slipped-stitch rib! You know you want to! Come on! Puhleeeeeze?" I know I won't sleep tonight till he's gotten his way.)

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Knit Wit said...

oh, if you're going to do colorwork, you must do something in garter stitch continental first. Make yourself a washcloth darlink!