Thursday, August 23, 2007

Larnin' and other sock-ventures

So I finally got the fateful heel on Kaylee last night.

After taco soup last night I settled down with a couple podcasts and Kaylee, and the end of a clearance bottle of Sauvignon Blanc (I do not sniff at sale wine. If I can get an $18 bottle of wine for $12, why not?), and knit to the heel. I then pulled out Sensational Knitted Socks and started working their Short-Row heel. And then I realized that I had no clue what I was doing. I didn't know what tension the wraps should be, and it took me a while to recognize where they were. So I tinked back the six short rows I had, and put Kaylee to rest for the night. (Let us not discuss the fact that I won't turn a flap heel after I've been drinking but I thought applying a new heel method entirely after a glass of wine sounded grand!) I spent the rest of the evening with a ball of worsted, swatching both that method and the yarn over method in Priscilla's Dream Socks in the Interweave sock book. I infinitely preferred the yarn overs, just because of their recognizeability and the lack of tension issues. So Kaylee should have a heel by Mad Knitters tonight. And I'm definitely seeing the benefit of putting two socks on two circs, since I'm seeing second sock syndrome coming down hard with Kaylee.

I took Stripey to Costco to get new tires for the car, and wound up sitting knitting and marveling at the insane proportion of people who can't leave the store without buying something at the snack bar (I've never eaten there. I had no idea that was a thing.). A woman came up with her ice cream and talked to me about knitting for a while, I told her about the Mad Knitters because I have a tendency to do that - it's good for me, come try it! Stripey will probably accompany me to the dealership to get other car maintenance on Monday, and he will probably come along to Saturday's Stitch 'n Sip too - I generally stay sober enough to handle stockinette.

I washed and blocked socks last night, and Fawkes may have gotten softer, which I didn't think was possible. Yum. (I'm thinking about looking into wool washes, but right now I'm just using my bath gel, and it's working for me.)

I'm already wondering what's next for socks here. Mom wants red socks for Christmas. I want to try the Tyrolean stockings in the new Interweave. I actually want to do a lot of stuff in the new Interweave, including the snowflake socks. And the snowball hat, but I'd leave the pompom off. And a bunch of other stuff, it's all post-it-ed already.

Ok. Going to go knit Kaylee a heel now.

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