Saturday, August 18, 2007

No power in the 'verse could stop me.

I started Kaylee. It's kind of an incentive system. I knit a repeat of Fawkes, I knit a repeat on Kaylee. It's my first toe-up sock, so I'm seeing how it goes, although there's admittedly some trepidation (especially thanks to the Yarn Harlot post last week about her toe-up Rockin' Sock Club socks) about it. If anyone has any toe-up heel advice, I'd greatly appreciate it.

This is also my first sock pattern with stuff happening every row. Monkey and Fawkes both interspersed the yo/decrease rows with plain knit rows or knit/purl rows. Not this girl. She's very pretty, though, and the picture includes a green post-it note so you can see just how. The yarn is Knitpicks Essential in Gulfstream, and the needles are 3mm 16 inch Addi Naturas, which are pointier than I generally like for socks, I've recently realized.

In other news, Fawkes 2 has a heel flap, but I decided not to turn it on my second glass of wine last night (instead I pulled out my poor neglected sweater and knit a round before I fell asleep on the couch). So that's what I do this morning before I get to knit more on Kaylee here. Shiny.

(I also really want to watch some Firefly now. It's been too long!)

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Knit Wit said...

You could always sand the points of your naturas to make them the way you want them. It's one of the things I like about wood/bamboo needles.