Thursday, August 2, 2007

It's Thursday at 6, I should be knitting...

I'm in Birmingham today. Therefore I'm missing my usual Thursday knit night. I bet I could get a massive pile of grey sock done there tonight. But that's ok. A fused brake on the second airplane last night got the gusset done on that, and I might get most of the foot done on the way back. I have travel knitting, in any case. I have two pairs of socks, a scarf in progress, and the supplies to start a lace stole.

Oh, yeah. I started a new pair of socks yesterday. I'm working on Fawkes in Dream In Color Smooshy, which is as yummy as it sounds. I'm using the color Chinatown Apple. It's not exactly flame-colored, but it's a rusty orangey-red-brown, which works for me. I love the pattern, one repeat in. Definitely looks flamey. I got to 'splain to my mom who Guy Fawkes was, which was kind of fun. And meanwhile I'm rereading Deathly Hallows.

The stole might start soon. I've looked at for a how-to on the invisible cast on, which is kind of cool. We'll see. Probably in some insomniac part of the evening, it'll happen. If I don't keep looking around for everything on Ravelry.

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