Monday, August 6, 2007

Monday picture post

Fawkes! I really like this pattern. Reeally like it.

Perhaps they're not as phoenix-like as they could be, but they're flamey enough for me.

The mojo-saving bag - thanks to Mandie, who pointed out the pattern to me when I was restless a week and a half ago. I've definitely got my groove back since this.

And it's just fun to drag around a big freaky bright yellow bag and pull out of it a rust-colored sock.

My friend Sarah and I got bored for a couple hours Saturday night between dinner and the blues concert we were going to see. Sarah'd been drafted into service knitting by her aunt in Phoenix and the group at her LYS, and so we knit baby hats. It was amusing, and I was able to offload much of my cheap acrylic stash on her for these projects. I always have to remind myself that these fiber games we play aren't entirely competitive, as she does things much faster than I.

In any case, we had to wait in the car for me to finish the last decreases on my baby hat before entering the bar. Sarah took pictures.

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