Monday, August 13, 2007

Socks, Lace, and Stashing

We went to the state fair yesterday. I went a little sheep-nutty and spent way too much time ogling spinners whenever I saw them. I'm feeling like getting the spindle and roving out tonight. I didn't buy any roving or a fleece or anything (though I was tempted), but I did get some pretty yarn that was at ridiculously good prices in the wool room.

Best part of the day for me was at the Home & Family Arts building, where a woman from Circle City Lacers took a break from her tatting to show me how to make bobbin lace. The crochet and knit pieces were pretty. A nice green Tomato took third in the casual knit sweaters, which made me think I should do something for the fair next year. We'll see.

Finished the first Fawkes sock Saturday night watching racing. We went out to the Raceway park to watch one of Chris's colleagues race his truck - the company had sponsored the race and had a couple of suites, so it was a nice evening. I ran out of sock by the end of the first race, so that was kind of a bummer. Lesson learned: when I've reached the foot, it's time to carry two socks around, or at least scissors and a yarn needle so I can kitchener, finish, and cast the next one on.

Although the reason I didn't bring the bright stripey sock was because I got to heel-land, and so it wasn't as mindless as Fawkes anymore. That didn't stop me starting the heel (I'm doing a beforethought one for the first time) while watching Saturday's IRL race on TiVo Sunday evening, so now it's good mindless knit-in-the-dark knitting again for a while.

I started a doily Saturday. I blame Paige, her filet crochet "Peace" was so pretty, plus she told me about clearance crochet cotton at Michael's.

Didn't get very far.

I was surprised when I inventoried my sock stash today - I'd been under the impression that Summer of Socks hadn't been good for getting rid of sock yarn. Not entirely true! Of the sock yarn I had in hand before summer began, this is what's left that's not at least cast on:

Two pairs' worth! Not bad! Of course, this is the sock yarn that has been acquired since June 21:

Whoops. :)

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