Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Stupid second striped sock

I feel like I held off the end of these forever, and apparently there was a reason. I got to the heel of the second on Thursday at knit night. I didn't touch it all weekend till Sunday night, when I sat down and decided instead of doing the in-place afterthought to go ahead and just make it an afterthought heel, and then I knit a while while watching High School Musical. The next morning I had two and a half hours of waiting for my car maintenance to knit, and got almost to the toe. So yeah. This thing sat with the toe ready to kitchener till last night, when I screwed it up twice! And then this morning I did the heel and screwed up the kitchenering there too. I have been telling the sock newbies at knit night to relax and the kitchener will come to you, and apparently the Kitchener Gods are mocking me this week. These socks now are filled with my ill will. I will enjoy them this winter, but right now I'm annoyed at them and will let them sit with their ends unwoven till I deign to see them again. Bah.

Can you tell I'm dealing with some sock ennui? The snowball hat didn't fix it. So I'm trying this.

It will be a mesh tote bag, I found the pattern thanks to Ravelry, it's Elisa's Nest Tote in Hot Orange Sugar 'n Cream. Kind of mindless but I'm enjoying it. Bright colors and me get along, you know.

Kaylee's somewhere. I haven't knit a stitch on her since Thursday. She's kind of a high-maintenance pattern to be happy laid-back Kaylee. It's that or that I just have motivation issues with toe-up socks. And the sock ennui.

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Knit Wit said...

You need to make something completely unlike a sock. Like a shawl. Or something. They look good though! But you've just made too many socks in a row.

Bring them over when you come with blankets... (Are you coming Friday?) and I'll help you with kitchner.

(I totally need to put up a kitchner tutorial....)