Saturday, August 18, 2007

I like to play with string.

Janet's formula for a day somewhat wasted
1) Buy an 8 oz hank of cream-colored sock yarn.
2) Figure out how much yarn I really use for a pair of socks (I have from 45 to 25 grams left from 3 100g hanks)
3) Wind 2 75 g balls from the big hank to dye and use later.
4) Attempt to skein the rest around the table from the original hank. Fail miserably and make a big honkin' knot
5) Spend the next 5 hours detangling that knot, listening to music, and reading back archives of Momma Monkey's blog. But mostly detangling that knot.
6) Once finally detangled, skein around the table and realize you don't really want to make your own self-striping stuff anyway. Pull out the egg dye and make a decision - Purple!
7) Break the purple dye first thing with a splash of vinegar. A dunk in the dyebath exhausts what's left of the broken dye.
8) Go for blue instead. Dissolve, dunk, *microwave, rest, repeat from * until blue is exhausted.
9) Rinse and hang to dry and finally get to knitting about when it starts getting dark.

I really like my results, though. Pretty blue yarn with places where it's almost purple. It's that mild variegation that I love. If it were a little squishier, it'd be a lot like Smooshy. Yum. Now, what to do with it?

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