Sunday, July 29, 2007

bag and book

bag and book
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This is what I did this weekend. Along with finding an outfit for a wedding in a cornfield, going to a wedding in a cornfield, and making contact with five places I might not mind working at as much as I mind working where I do now.

That yarn looks faded compared to reality in the photo. It's really got a bit of neonish to it.

And the book was good. Very weird in places, but good.

Oh, and - I went to the yarn store early Saturday afternoon. I hadn't eaten lunch yet, so between the hunger and the wool fumes I almost fell down hard. I left with nothing, miraculously (since I wanted EVERYTHING), but some of that stuff has gnawed its way into my brain and I will be returning to stock up before my trip Wednesday. I will fall down hard Tuesday, but I've budgeted and stuff and right now, I'm ok with that.

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