Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Because it's gotten dreary this afternoon and there's not much overhead lighting in my house, today's sock pics are from the top of my washing machine. Deal.

First, beautimous blocked Monkeys!

They are so pretty, it's kind of a shame they're being put away till November, when they're a birthday present for my Mom. She'll like them, though.

Then Breeze!

These were super quick and a lot of fun. I "modified" the pattern a bit (read: left out two rows of the pattern twice and just kept on rather than frogging). We'll see if I make a pair for me. I might rather make a pair of socks just in the pattern on the heel flap, it's fun, quick, and pretty.

And then the boring plain jane thing gets lots more done when I'm not distracted by pretties with things like lace and cables... Also when I'm away from home and with people who are cool with me knitting while waiting at a restaurant and stuff.

I'll be turning that heel tonight. Heel-turning during work breaks has proven to be a sticky thing.

My Harry Potter book is theoretically in transit, but has not updated with a location since it was in Missisauga, ON, CA on the 21st. If it's not here by the time I leave to visit Mom next week, I'm totally reading hers.

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Zarzuela said...

Love the colors on your Monkeys! The others look great too. That breeze pattern seems to be getting pretty popular.