Friday, July 13, 2007

I never used to be this susceptible

Dares and peer pressure. Seriously. I never wanted to try things because the cool kids were. I didn't drink till college, I never smoked, didn't do drugs. I didn't even get my driver's license till I was eighteen and needed to drive to go to college 500 miles from home (while I had friends who chose colleges based on "where everyone was going" - it's where Auburn gets half its student body, I'm sure). I was always the person who felt that "everyone else is doing it" was probably a good reason not to do whatever it was.

And yet here I am. It's Friday night, and I'm up to something. I came home via Meijer, where I spent way more time than anyone ever does at the Kool-Aid rack. And then I passed through the store going to the pharmacy end (Qtips were an item lost in the move. I don't know how.) and there was easter egg dye. In July. On clearance. I bought three boxes. So I have three packets of kool-aid in various colors, three boxes of egg dye, and three balls of cream-colored wool (and a ball of magic stripes, because I am helpless in the face of sock-usable yarn when buying other yarn anyway).

It's Mandie's fault. She was laughing at me last night because I was amazed by her dye job on her gorgeous Stag Bag. (She made Gryffindor colors with egg dye, tea and coffee! How cool is that?) And she kept saying that I could totally do the same thing.

And okay, I am feeling like nothing in the yarn world is a bad idea because hey, I CAN FIX CABLES WITHOUT FROGGING! I can't emphasize how powerful this fact makes me feel. It is the triumph of the week. It's that teenage feeling of indestructibility. It's Felix Felicis. I'm a knitting rock star.

So me and the Kool-Aid have a date tonight. The egg colors will be held in reserve till needed. Or till I get bored on another Friday night, and get up to no good.

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Knit Wit said...


oooo so very cool. So what color are you making? I want to see pictures.