Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sock surgery

I was chortling to myself last night about how I was going to be able to blog that the Breeze socks "were a breeze." (Yes, I like puns. I'm afraid it's a professional hazard, most mathematicians I know are fascinated by wordplay.)

Then I got to the end of the first repeat, and realized I'd twisted cables the wrong way. It was midnight. I was really tired of the cotton. I put Breeze aside and worked on Monkey for a while. I got through a pattern repeat and realized my gusset decreases weren't all what they should have been. Boo.

So this morning's tasks - fix the cables and fix the gusset. I already fixed the cables, which was a little hair-raising and something I'm not sure I'd do again, but I do like the symmetry of the Breeze pattern, and how the cables turn one way or another depending on how the lace slants. But now, hah! I can fix cables without frogging.

And the gusset thing I've done before, but I think this one is more involved than the time before. We'll see. I've got breakfast, caffeine, and floods of morning sunshine, all which will make this better than last night. Oh, and the day off!

I feel compelled to finish both these pairs of socks by the end of the month, and then not knit anything else for my Mom for a while. Not that I'm feeling particularly motivated to knit my Dad's socks either. I really really don't want to go to Alabama by myself twice next month. Even if I don't have to drive it.

Oh, and I fell down at Knitpicks last night. They're having a book sale, so I got the few yarns I'd been wanting and a couple books from my Amazon wish list and yeah, free shipping.

I'm thinking about seeing Order of the Phoenix today, if I get everything else done. Back to the sock OR.

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