Friday, July 6, 2007


Monkey #1 is finished! Well, but for weaving in ends. And the second has the ribbing done, so that's a start.

That's the sill of my new front window behind it. Morning sunshine is a happy thing.

This, however, happened during the move. You see the giant lower box in here? The one under and behind everything?

That's my yarn stash. And my spinning stuff. The box on top of it is too heavy for me to lift, containing the lion's share of Chris's movies and video games. It was under there for a week. I did manage to excavate it this afternoon, (clearing the floor in front, sliding the pile, and sliding the big box off the back) and I feel a little more whole. Getting back to knit night last night helped too. The sweater got worked on then, it's the only movement that seems to happen on that front, when I work on it at Panera with people.

There is knitting. There is unpacking. There is also computer trouble. Something in the move and upgrade of the wireless router has my laptop refusing to acknowledge the existence of our home network (or more likely, the husband's wireless security doesn't want to let my laptop in, although he can't figure why), and so I get to play on his desktop when I can steal a minute or two. I'll try and keep updated though.


Knit Wit said...

Personally I am astonished that one's stash could fit in a box of that size. I couldn't even fit all of my red yarn in there.

Maybe the cotton...

janet said...

I say it's my stash, but it's really only a fraction of the crap acrylic I own. Much of that is still in AL. The good fiber stash is still much smaller than that box. (And the cotton had its own separate bag...)