Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Socks, Goals, and Distraction


I started two new pairs over the weekend. Actually, one over the weekend and one last night. There are several non-knitty things I should do this afternoon and evening. I'll probably spend most of my time on this.

I need to get the purple monkeys to the gusset to move past the ribbing on the plain grey socks due to needle conflict, and there are probably two or three more pattern repeats on the brown breeze's heel flap before those need turned.

Mass Ave was talking at some point about a sock club once or twice a month, starting sometime this summer. I could use some company that's as out of control as me.


These are Breeze, from the summer Knitty. My mom came up with an occasion that might require socks before her November birthday (an occasion at the beginning of August), so I figure this might work. The yarn is Paton's Grace, the needles were available. I'm reserving judgment on the two circs thing till these are done. It's much happier with this mercerized cotton than it was with the mohair blend I swatched with before. If I love the socks, I'll make myself a pair in the green ginger color that tempted me Friday. I am loving the cabling, it's making this seem fast, that's for sure. Not having any leg helps too.

I got my Ravelry invitation yesterday. Now that I have flickr photos for all these, I have to do that now. It's really fun, and I think it could be very useful. If I ever get all my stuff in there.

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