Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bragging about complete coincidence.

I've been reading back Yarn Harlot. There's a lot of it. I've been doing little else reading for two weeks. Today I got to last September, when she turned in Casts Off, and it turns out...

Stephanie Pearl McPhee and I have the same wedding date. While she was having a party in Toronto, I was having one in Birmingham.

:P to all of you who can't say that.

Other stuff:
I finished the first SeaWool sock on Monday. For the first time, I really flirted with second sock syndrome, thinking about starting something else. I love the results of that chevron pattern, but I'm really bored with it. Apparently my sweater's going to be the zone-out knitting now, which is making me cranky since it's not nice and portable. I might start a sleeve soon, as EZ suggests. I'm also thinking about raiding the cotton stash for supplies for another Ball Band. My mother-in-law's birthday is Monday, and I know she likes knit dishcloths enough to make them for herself. Let's see if my husband can help with color choices. (I'm laughing a little at that. He wears black shirts and blue jeans daily.)

I checked out Mindful Knitting from the library. The whole deal with it is to knit meditatively and use it as a calming and focusing point in your life, right? So I go to make what it calls a "rice stitch dishcloth." (I'm a little obsessive with my cotton stash right now. I'd forgotten half of what was in there.) The pattern says "p1 *k1 through the back loop, repeat from *." The other row is plain knit, alternated with this. Notice that this is a one-stitch repeat. I get a row through it and am realizing that this will give me a column of stockinette and the rest half-twisted garter, and how is that rice-like? Besides, knitting in the back of the stitch is making me crazy. I cannot be meditative while wrestling cotton the wrong way. So today I google "rice stitch" and find that my suspicion was right, there's a P1 missing from that repeat. And that you don't have to do the twisty thing. Seems like it would be easier to have your knitting bring you peace if you can trust the pattern to be right! There's a lovely lacy scarf in there that I think needs to be done for a friend for Christmas, though. And its pattern seems to add up okay. Maybe that'll be more relaxing.


Knit Wit said...

actually I'm going to disagree with both versions of rice stitch.

Whatever is in the book is wrong. What you wrote is broken rib (k1, p1 for 1 row, then knit).

Rice Stitch is p1, *ktbl, p1* repeat. Then knit the second row. They forgot the p1.

janet said...

I figured. I still see this giving me fits.