Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stopping while I'm ahead.

My yarn crawl this morning lasted one hour and one stop. Don't laugh. I did, however, snag $130 worth of yarn and needles for about $80. I figured I'd used all my luck and gotten stuff to keep me busy for months and went home.

Via the library, where more knitting books were procured.

Things I got:
Nine balls of Knitaly. I'm fairly certain it was discontinued more than five years ago, but it's a gorgeous heathered hunter green worsted superwash wool, and it's going to be a cabled hoodie. As soon as I find a pattern or the courage to design my own.
Two hanks of Classic Elite Lush. I scored angora at 40% off! Ok, it's an angora/wool blend, but it's yummy. The color range available was kind of lame, so I went with black. I'm thinking mittens or fingerless gloves. My hands are going to need something happy this winter.
Two balls of Baby Cashmerino. It's red, which should be fun. Red socks rock. These are going to be Rainy Day socks from MagKnits.
A ball of Regia sock yarn. It's a muted grey, with mild variegation and it might stripe some, maybe not. I'm thinking man socks for my dad for Christmas. Plain stockinette all the way.
And an Addi Natura size 9 16" circular. I figured if I'm going to try an Addi, why not try one at 40% off? I'm vaguely in love with my Clover size 8 short circ, it was what did the dishcloth and most of the hat and the Greensburg square, but I'm not married to it. And I've heard good things about the Naturas.

That's today. I was impressed at how much was left. They still have a ton of Regia in great colors, a generous rack of Debbie Bliss, and a half a wall of Lopi. The place is a wreck, but it may have always been that way. They're open till the end of June, and they're apparently just continually trucking more stock downstairs. It is amazing how much yarn is in that house. Depending on how I like the Addi, I might go back for more, they still have a bunch of needles. And I might want to play with the Lopi. We'll see.

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