Sunday, May 13, 2007


I got 2.5 inches of sock knitted at the track today. The yellow-shirted security ladies thought I was so clever to have brought my knitting to the track.

I got probably an inch and a half of it done last night before deciding it was too small, frogging and restarting in the bigger size. I got the garter stitch done before finally sleeping. The pattern is four chevrons around and the stripes are lining up nicely, with two sides mostly blue and yellow and the other two mostly pink and green. It may be spiraling some too, but it's subtle.

I'm sure I'd have gotten more done if we hadn't had to leave before happy hour. But next year. Or maybe not - we got home in time for the last couple of runs and Chris really loved the trackers that the tv had.

I have a fanged chomping bunny guarding my yarn stash now, due to my husband and Spamalot. He's too cute.

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Knit Wit said...

I want to see the bunny!