Tuesday, May 15, 2007


My new faster-feeling route home is making knitting while driving not a necessity. Although I expect that when i try and get across on 116th tomorrow it'll be a different story.

Last night I stayed up too late getting my brother's Christmas hat off the circular and onto dpns to start decreasing. Somewhere in that process I remembered that by Christmas he's going to be living in LA and probably a woolen watchcap won't be such a good present as it would have been had he still been playing around in New York. Of course, he might have moved back by then. He follows the work. And he might be into wearing it anyway. He's funny like that. Just going to finish it, wait, and hope he likes it.

Finishing has not yet begun on the new Latin Granny. It needs to.

I stopped by Knit Stop on the way home. I'm not sure about this place. I might have bought something, if i could have found things. I'm vaguely lusting after Magknits' Rainy Day socks, but while I found the yarn called for and the substitute an acquaintance used on them, I couldn't find either in a color I liked. Oh well. But yeah. Getting the yarn-shopping urge. I keep reminding myself of the bag of wool that's got sweater aspirations and the basket of sock yarn I've said should last me the summer. The knowledge of an LYS closing and clearing out its stock also has me itching.

I picked up No Sheep For You and Mason-Dixon Knitting at the library tonight. I'm going to try and figure how to do this in log-cabin knitting. I might have to break down and do it in miters. Or grannies. Please no more grannies. Not for a little while.

Oh, and CraftLit has me wanting to find the new Knit.1 out today and Charmed Knits, both out this week. To browse before maybe buying. Actually I've already reserved the second at the library, so that probably won't get bought. Unless it's awesomeness embodied as book.

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