Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Monday

You know, even if I never buy anything there ever again, visiting Hobby Lobby still makes me smile and relax a little. I nearly picked up some cotton/acrylic crochet thread that I wanted to try and play socks with. I also nearly picked up aluminum size 0 dpns. My 2's, 3's, and 2.5's are good, but I'm starting to think of going a little smaller. But I'm pretty sure the metal thing is not for me. There was a stitch counter and other little tools I kind of wanted too.

Mom got her Fruit Salad socks, they fit, she loves them, and she is wearing them to work tonight. Yay for that.

All blocks of my newest Latin Granny creation are done. Pictures will be forthcoming probably tomorrow. The child it was made for is almost two weeks old now, but she's not due till a week from today.

Patterns make sock-knitting in traffic a little riskier. I may need to rethink my "no more plain stockinette socks!" cry. Because it is true, stockinette does soothe a troubled soul. Which I need while sitting in traffic listening to the sad news of the world and fighting with myself over whether I'm going home or to the gym.

And when Friday night comes, I have wine made for knitting: Dyed in the Wool Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.

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