Friday, May 11, 2007

I'm finding myself doing that thing that I do when I haven't written in a journal or diary for a while - trying to catch up on everything old before I start talking about anything new. And seriously, that's boring. Blogs and journals are NOW things, and while having a record is nice, eh.

So I finished my Mother's Day gift socks. Just barely in time to pack them up and send them to mom. And of course, since I was just barely under the deadline, I couldn't find the camera. So the pictures of them exist, they're just in my phone. And I can't seem to get them out. My acrylic nightmare socks are in the same limbo. Sucky.

Oh, but FYI? Panda Cotton takes seriously forever to dry. Two days. For a pair of socks. Did I mention I really wanted to mail them so they'd get there for Mother's Day? Yeah. They went out Thursday and I'm hoping.

The husband has been using the camera a lot lately since it's May in Indy, which means he's been hiding it from me. It will exist again tomorrow. I will be knitting at the track. It worked last weekend, it should work again. It meant casting on new socks tonight, and so far they're yummy! I'm using Fleece Artist Seawool in (I think) Sorbetto and doing the Bordello pattern that was on the ball band. I'm digging the no ribbing thing - they've got five rows of basically garter instead, and while I was a bit concerned about pattern, it's a two-row repeat and as long as I can remember that the last two stitches on the one row are ssk'd and not knit together, I'll be good. And I'm planning to improve my Kitchener stitch, because apparently it's not supposed to be a seam, but despite my best efforts so far, it has been. I'll figure it out.

Meanwhile, there are three new episodes of Craftlit that have been posted this week, and Chris is resting up for our big day tomorrow, so I've got a few hours of happy time to establish the pattern in my head before crashing for the night.

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